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A Full Service International Company

Specialized on:

  • Geotechnical Engineering Services,

  • Geophysical Survey Services, and

  • Foundation and Structural Engineering Consulting Services

Executive Summary

GeoSpectrus Ltd shall be an innovative full-service geotechnical and geophysical consulting and services organization specializing in the application of geophysics, geologic and hydrogeologic characterization, geo-engineering, and geo-environmental investigation methods, to the engineering, environmental, and petroleum exploration industries. In addition to these services, AOA is also a reputable science and technology development group, providing clients with innovative and integrated ideas and survey techniques, custom instruments and equipment technology development, along with integrated data processing and GIS based geologicgeographic modeling.


Understanding subsurface soil structure and site geology, and area hydrogeology, is often based on knowledge obtained from various types of geophysical and geoscientific information and investigation techniques.



Geophysical Survey Services


Purpose and Mission of the Company

One of the principal service missions at GeoSpectrus is to provide engineering, environmental, and petroleum exploration companies with a range of geophysical and geologic investigation services designed to achieve client objectives for almost any type of subsurface characterization or site investigation project. Whether the project calls for a simple single method of investigation, or requires the application of multiple survey methods to provide comprehensive site characterization, GeoSpectrus has diverse capabilities with the application of geophysics and geologic characterization techniques for petroleum exploration/exploitation, land environmental and engineering studies, shallow water marine geophysics, and project integrated geologic – GIS, ArcGIS, and GPS/DGPS surveying and mapping. Consulting programs are offered to clients that have requirements for specialized instruments and equipment, along with survey design and field operation planning for surveys in unique and difficult environments. Working with affiliate consultants and business partners, GeoSpectrus can form dedicated teams to handle a variety of project tasks, including survey design and planning, systems and technology integration, field data acquisition, data processing, and geophysical/geologic mapping and modeling.


The company, its affiliate consultants, and strategic technology partners, have extensive geoscience and geophysical project experience throughout the United States and around the world. Combined technology resources can be made available to provide all the necessary geophysical equipment, geophysical personnel, environmental specialists, and geologic engineers required for almost any type of project.



Sections of Specialization of the Company

  • Geotechnical Engineering Services,

  • Land Geophysical Services,

  • Marine Geophysical Services,

  • Foundation and Structural Engineering Consulting Services.


Responsible Persons for Contact of the Company


Finn B. Michelsen

(click for C.V.)

Director of Applied Geophysics

2500 Tanglewilde St., Suite 120N

Houston, Texas 77063.

Phone:  001 713 532-2624

Mbl: 001 832 366 4168


Dr. Costas J. Sachpazis

(click for C.V.)

Director of Geotechnical Engineering

29 Dionysiou Str.,

Ilion-Athens Attica 13122 Greece.

Phone: 0030 210 523-8127 & 0030 210 571-1263

Mbl: 0030 693 6425 722